MFS (Manage Field Staff) is an All in One software that includes GPS and remote monitoring.It's mainly designed to easily manage your employees working related to sales,marketing or service.

When would you need this product?

Our primary goal is to save employers and managers from employees who are insincere.Let there be nothing hidden from the employer's eye.

  1. Your Problem: Your field staff is Insincere to you. He says he's with the customer. But,the truth is that he's out with his friends or watching a movie.
    1. Our Solution : Use MFS to make him enter reports directly from his phone.Watch his movement live on your pc using our software.
  2. Your Problem: Your employees inside the company surf job websites ,matrimonial websites and play games on the PC instead of doing their work.
    1. Our Solution: Monitor them using our remote PC monitoring solution and take immediate decisions


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